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Q10011 - HOWTO: How to install oil catch can


A catch can is a good way to keep oil from being blown back into your intake manifold.  The factory setup is just a loop of tubing to blow the oil into the intake.  A catch can will catch this oil.

I used an AMW catch can, but you can buy tubing and air system water filters as a cheaper alternative.

The Installation

There are wires right where the catch can should be so I cut loose the tape on the mount and re-taped it about 3 inches to the right.  Here is a picture of the stock cables

Here is a picture with the cable mount moved to the right, which pushes the cable bundle left and out of the way.

Next mount up the AMW bracket using the bolts provided.

Using teflon tape seal up the threaded end of the 2 fitings.

Now mount the catch can in place.

Pull off the stock loopback tube shown here.

Now install the fitings on the catch can.

Finally cut the tubes to fit.  Be sure the supply (lower fitting on engine) goes into the top of the can and the return line on the can (lower fitting) goes into the intake on the engine.  The pictures below show this.

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